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Laboratory department

The activity of the Laboratory Department of the Main Medical Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is to provide a full range of clinical, diagnostic and technical support of the highest level for doctors and their patients, staff of the ДУ the "Main medical center of МВС of Ukraine" e with exceptional customer service. Achieving positive results in the examination, prevention and treatment of patients is achieved primarily through the coordinated work of staff, the use of modern equipment and attention to each patient.

The main principle of the Laboratory Department is a comprehensive approach to providing general clinical, hematological, biochemical, immuno-serological diagnostics, diagnosis of HIV and SARS-CoV-2 by ELISA and PCR, which allows health professionals to assess the patient's condition in the shortest possible time and choose prophylaxis or treatment measures. We focus on accuracy, providing exceptional patient care, from sampling to rapid delivery of results.

The goal is to provide health professionals with valuable clinical data that can improve the quality of care, treatment of patients and have a positive impact on further rehabilitation and healthy living.

Clinical-diagnostic and technical support

Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the State Institution "Main Medical Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine", the clinical diagnostic laboratory (CDL) has the opportunity to offer:

  • 150+ research indicators
  • Modern equipment from well-known manufacturers (Mindray, Siemens, Roche, Medica, Diatron, Snibe Diagnostic, Farmasco, Orphee).
  • Use of original reagents
  • and vacuum sampling systems
  • Daily in-laboratory quality control, calibration of equipment, validation of results by doctors
  • External quality control Reference 3 (for external quality control certificates)
  • Quality management system according to DSTU EN ISO 9001: 2018 "Quality management systems. Requirements »
  • Conducting research on a paid basis
  • One of the best price offers among private laboratories in Kyiv
  • Work 24 hours a day, consultations and assistance on any issue.

Given the quality management of the laboratory, we are constantly working to improve research methods and the quality level of our specialists:

Constant continuous professional development of specialists
700,000+ studies per year
3000 patients per year
Close cooperation with the Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics of NMAPE named after PL Shupyk
Establishing the patient's needs in the first place
The laboratory department considers testing as an integral part of the diagnostic process of care for each patient. Research algorithms are developed jointly by specialists of the laboratory department and doctors of the Main Medical Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, taking into account the specifics of diagnosing and treating each case of the disease. This algorithmic approach guarantees the correct test for the right patient at the right time.

Effective transportation and processing of samples is the key to obtaining rapid test results. As with scheduled testing and emergency research, we focus on one goal - providing the best results for patients.

Support for clinical specialties

Close cooperation with physicians allows us to offer more comprehensive approaches to screening, diagnosis, therapy and prognostic testing to support the following clinical specialties:

  • Cardiology                                                                                                                                                                           
  • Endocrinology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Pulmonology
  • Hematology
  • Urology
  • Gynecology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Surgery
  • Neurology
  • Infectious diseases
  • HIV (AIDS)
  • PCR study

The laboratory has implemented strict quality control to ensure the accuracy of research results.
The laboratory department measures quality not only through certification, but also by how effectively the results are interpreted and applied to the patient's clinical situation.

The laboratory department of the Main Medical Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine is preparing for the implementation of the laboratory information system LIS, to simplify and streamline processes, and obtain a certificate DSTU EN ISO 15189: 2015 "Medical laboratories. Requirements for quality and competence ".
We are constantly improving all processes and services that improve patient care.

For more information, see the quality and performance documents (including quality and compliance certification information, list of services, staff, glossary, and patient information).


Abacus 5
Automatic hematology analyzer
Production Diatron MI Zrt, Hungary

Автоматический гематологический анализатор Abacus 5

Mindray BS-400.

Biochemical automatic analyzer
Manufactured in Mindray, China


ROCHE Cobas E411
Automatic immunochemical analyzer
Manufactured by Roche, Switzerland

ROCHE Cobas E411 - Покупайте по лучшей цене

Electrolyte analyzer
Manufactured by Medica Corp., USA

Анализатор электролитов EasyLyte (Medica Corp., США) в НПФ Абрис +

Coag M

Automatic coagulometer
Manufactured by Diagon, Hungary

Coag Chrom 4000
Production "Bio-Ksel", Poland

ДНК-амплификатор в "реальном времени", 6 каналов, 96х0,2 мл, тренинг 1 день, 2 года гарантии, QuantStudio 5, Thermo FS

QuantStudio 5 Real-Time PCR System


Manufactured by Applied Biosystems ™, Thermo Fisher Scientific


Biosen C-line

Glucose and lactate analyzer
Manufactured by EKF Diagnostics, UK

Biosen C-line Анализатор глюкозы и лактата - медицинское  лабораторно-диагностическое оборудование

Urine analyzer

Manufactured by CiTO, South Korea

The reader is microplate
Production Tecan, Austria

Olympus microscopes
Manufactured in Japan

Микроскоп Olympus CX21 - Микросистемы

Laboratory department of the State Institution "Main Medical Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine"
Kyiv, street Berdychivska 1, tel. for inquiries (044) 481-56-64, (044) 481-53-40, e-mail mail: [email protected]

Head of the laboratory department Popova Svitlana Serhiivna 044-481-56-64
Laboratory telephones 481-53-40, 481-53-43, AIDS department 481-53-39

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