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Увага! З цінами на послуги та текстом публічного договору про надання медичних послуг можна ознайомитися на сайті установи в розділі Платні медичні послуги.

Anesthesiology department with intensive care beds

The department of the Central Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has grappled 14 beds for intensive trap of patients with severe and critical states. Also, you will also see anesthetic assistance with various types of surgical interventions and manipulations.

Doctors Branch

The department employs 13 experienced doctors who greatly own all modern methods of anesthetic assistance and treat patients under intensive care conditions according to modern views of evidence-based medicine. It should be noted that doctors department constantly increase their professional level by internship in other clinics, visiting scientific conferences and constant study of modern medical literature and paintings.

Medical staff has high work experience. Also constantly enhance its professional level as in practical skills, while studying the latest achievements in medical practice. Medical staff of the department is tidy, caring, friendly and understanding and respect relates to people who need medical care.

Equipment for the separation of Anasthesiology

The department is monitored by modern diagnostic and medical equipment used in full to achieve high quality of medical care.


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