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Department of Chronic Internal Pathology

Open geriatric department in January 1997 in order to provide therapeutic assistance to elderly patients. Since March 2019, the name of chronic internal pathology was changed with the possibility of providing medical care to patients without age limitation. But the overwhelming majority is patients over 60 years.

Equipment for chronic internal pathology

The department of chronic internal pathology is designed for 30 beds and is a structural unit of the Central Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, has a relevant material and technical base equipped with special equipment and equipment in accordance with the Order of the MPA of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

In the department there is a manipulating cabinet, a dining room, a post of another medical sister, a recreation area with a library, television, chess is created for patients. Modern furniture and refrigerators are installed in the wards, also available functional beds. In each ward there is a separate bathroom. Chambers are two- and triple. The department has a single chamber of increased comfort.

Aid to help patients with a therapeutic profile, namely hypertension, ischemic heart disease, cardiac insufficiency, arrhythmias, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, osteoarthrosis, anemia and other diseases.

The department introduces modern methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients and closely cooperates with other departments of the hospital, research institutes, leading clinics of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, employees of the Department of NMU them. Bogomoltsia, UWC based in the Central Electurities of Ukraine.

Office staff

The department operates the head of the department, 2 physicians-therapists, medical sisters and junior medical staff. Doctors department constantly increase their professional level, attend scientific conferences and congresses, relevant training courses for doctors, have scientific publications in professional editions. All medical sisters have machinery in / in drip and jet infusions, blood transfusion techniques and blood substitutes, technique of staging in / in catheters, В / m and p / w injecting and other skills to assist the patient therapeutic profile. 70% of younger health care sisters have an experience of more than 20 years and experience in care of heavily patients.

Meals in the department

Nutrition in a dietary unit, quadruple, according to the Center for the Center of the MIA. By appointment of a physician, specialists of physiotherapeutic department are involved in order to conduct exercise therapy, physiotherapeutic procedures, medical baths, rehabilitation measures.
The department has repeatedly received incentive letters from the Council of Veterans of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.

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