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Увага! З цінами на послуги та текстом публічного договору про надання медичних послуг можна ознайомитися на сайті установи в розділі Платні медичні послуги.

Admission department

The receiving department is a structural subdivision of the Central Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and is located on the 1st floor of a 9-storey building. The department worked around the clock doctor - therapist, sister medical and younger medical sister.

The department is carried out:

  • A qualified and timely reception of patients who enter treatment in a planned order, on rapid assistance and in the order of self-reliance, as well as reception of patients for payment. For convenience in the receiving department there is a terminal to pay for services and there is a cashier that helps patients to make appropriate payments
  • Granted directly in the department of emergency medical assistance in case of urgent states
  • Providing, if necessary, conducting a separation of all available medical and diagnostic research and involvement with the advisory goals of doctors - specialists in the relevant profile.
  • The diagnosis of hospitalization is established and the relevant medical documentation is issued
  • If necessary, the staff of the department is carried out by the sanitary treatment of patients. Suspicious of infectious diseases or especially dangerous infections are hospitalized into an insulator that is in the receiving separated

The receiving department interacts with specialized kinics of the city of Kiev, ambulance hospital, blood transfusion station, departmental institutions and health units and other therapeutic and prophylactic institutions of the city of Kyiv.

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