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Traumatology department

Traumatology - a branch of clinical medicine, which studies damage to the musculoskeletal system (stretching, exports, fractures, transmissions), and develops methods of their diagnostics, treatment and prevention.
The traumatological department of the Central Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine was opened in 1999.

Qualified traumatologists doctors

The department has qualified traumatologists of the highest category, which, with the patient examples and therapy, use modern techniques and an individual approach to each patient. For comprehensive and integrated therapy, doctors can attract other hospital specialists, for example: cardiologists, physiotherapists, neurologists and other narrow specialists. In difficult cases, leading specialists of the Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of Ukraine and Profile Departments of the National Medical University named after O. Bohomolets are involved.
Turning to us you can get professional advice, conduct an accurate diagnosis, establish the correct diagnosis, as well as to receive recommendations for the treatment, rehabilitation and future prevention.


Recently, modern repair was made in the department. Chambers are calculated 2-3 patients, as well as more comfort, there are single chambers. For the convenience of patients, televisions and refrigerators are installed in each room. The department is equipped with the latest high-quality equipment that helps medical staff are better to contact patients and, in case, always come to help.

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