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Urology department

The urology department on the basis of the Central Bank of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, operates since 1967. The department is designed for 30 beds, comfortable wards 2 - 3 beds with a bathroom, as well as 2-cent chambers with increased comfort.

Division of urology is equipped with: cystoscopic cabinet, dressing, manipulation, renner office for remote extracorporeal lithotripsy "Dornier Compact Sigma".

State - 24 employee. Head of Branch, 3 Urologist doctors, a terrible medical sister, 9 medical sisters, sister of the Mistress, 9 younger nurses.

Every year in the department undergoes treatment of up to 1 thousand patients, about 300th of which conducted operational treatment of varying complexity.

Operating urological unit is equipped with: modern endoscopic and laprooscopic equipment.

Main directions of nationality of urology of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

1) disease of the prostate gland:

Benign prostate hyperplasia;

Prostate cancer;
Acute and chronic prostate (abscess);
Transtractal multifocal prostate biopsy.
2) Uricamous disease:

Kidney stones (including coral-shaped);
Stones of ureter (renal colic);
The bladder stones.
3) bladder disease:

Acute and chronic inflammatory diseases.
4) kidney disease:

Acute and chronic inflammatory diseases.
5) Diseases of the external genital organs:

Acute and chronic inflammatory diseases;
Hydrocell, cysts;
6) Urethral disease:

Inflammatory and exempt;

Strictures of urethra.

7) sexually transmitted diseases (STIs / ZPPP).

8) trauma of urinary tract.

9) stress (urgent) incontinence.

Types of medical care, owned by doctors department.

1. Cystoscopy.

2. Urethroscopy.

3. Catheterization of bladder and ureters.

4. Ascending and downward urethrocystography.

5. Ascending ureteropyelography.

6. Antegrade pyeleterography.

7. Excretory urography.

9. Ureteroscopy.

Endourological methods of diagnosis and treatment:

1. Bouming urethra.

2. Transurethral biopsy of tumors of the bladder.

3. Transurethral resection of bladder tumors.

4. Transuretral prostate resection.

5. Endovergic dissection of the walls of the ureterocele.

6. Endouurethral dissection of urethra.

7. Intracorporal cystolithepsy.

8. Intracorporal ureterolitotropsy.

9. Ureterolitoextraction.

10. A contact-laser ureterolitotropsy.

11. Remote extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy.

Operations on the kidneys:

1. Decapsulation of the kidney.

2. Operation with nephroptosis (laparoscopically).

3. Nephrolithotomy.

4. Pyelolithotomy (rear, front, upper and lower).

5. Nephrectomy.

6. Operations on the restoration of the passage of the Miskovo-ureteral segment.

7. Operations with kidney injuries, paranephrits.

8. Enucleate of kidney tumors using the latest hemostasis methods.

Uritis operations:

1. Ureterotomy (upper, middle, lower).

2. Ureterostomy.

3. Resection of the ureter.

4. Performance of the ureter into the skin.

5. Performance of the ureter in the bladder.

6. Operations when ureterocelle.

Operations on the bladder:

1. Epicistostomy.

2. Operations with bladder diverticums.

3. Due to reflux operations in the tumors of the bladder.

4. Drawing of paravesical space.

Operations on urethra:

1. Operations in strictures, urethra injuries.

2. Operations with urethra.

Operations on the penis:

1. Screening bridles.

2. Operations with Phimosa, Parish, Condylments Proture.

3. Faloplasty in Pyron's disease.

Operations on the Kalitts and its organs:

1. Operations when a testicle delayed.

2. Operations at the waters of the testicles.

3. Epidymectomy, Orchectomy.

4. Operations when expanding the wedding cord.

Operations on the prostate gland:

1. Radical prostatectomy.

2. The abscesses of the preredmic gland.

3. Transuretric prostate resection.

Operations with stressful incontinence of urine.

1. Subureltral operations (TVT, Tot, TVT-O)


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