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Відділення фізичної реабілітаційної медицини та фізіотерапії

Відділення фізичної реабілітаційної медицини та фізіотерапії department is a structural unit of the Central Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Basic methods of treatment

Among the main methods of treatment are distinguished:

  • Electricalization
  • Phototherapy,
  • Water treatment (balneotherapy,
  • Hydropathy),
  • Thermal treatment, treatment with mechanical influences.

The largest number of methods combines electrical treatment (methods using an electric field, permanent, variable, continuous and intermittent electros, an alternating magnetic field, electromagnetic fields).
Lighting includes methods that use light energy, incl. ultraviolet and infrared, radiation. Water supply methods are based on the use of fresh water (in the form of shower, baths and other water treatments).
Thermal treatment includes methods based on the use of heat transmitted by the body by heated paraffin, ozokerite, and others.
Treatment mechanical action includes ultrasonic therapy (ultrasonic therapy), vibrotherapy (vibration therapy), massage.

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