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Neurology department

The department of neurology operates since 1967, since the opening of the hospital. Its activities are aimed at diagnosing and treating patients with subsequent pathology




Head of department


Yaroslav Aleksandrovich

Nurologist doctor

the highest category

Phone Branch

481 53 55.

Vascular diseases:

strokes arechemic and their consequences,

Hemorrhagic strokes that do not require neurosurgical intervention and their consequences,

Chronic disturbances of cerebral circulation, including syncope states.

Diseases of the peripheral nervous system:

lesions of cranial nerves (neuralgia trigemic and neuron facial nerves, etc.),


radiculopathy against the background of degenerative-dystrophic changes in the spine (osteochondrosis, spondylosis, kil of intervertebral discs, etc.).

Herpesvirus infections with a lesion of the nervous system and their consequences.

Demyelinizing diseases (multiple sclerosis, etc.).

Injuries of heads and peripheral nerves that do not require neurosurgical intervention and their effects.

Disease with preferred defeat of the extrapyramidal system (Parkinson's disease, etc.).

Migraines and cephalgic syndromes.


Epilepsy without mental disorders.

Neuroses, neurocirculatory disorders.

Lesions of the nervous system with somatic diseases.


The diagnostic base of the hospital allows for a complete complex laboratory and instrumental diagnosis of neurological pathology. If necessary, diagnostic procedures are carried out around the clock.

The department uses modern methods of instrumental diagnostics:

magnetic resonance tomography;
magnetic resonance angiography;
Multispiral computer tomography;
Ultrasound dopplerography of vessels;
Electronemiography and others.

The department employs highly skilled doctors of neurologists that provide treatment in accordance with modern clinical protocols. In addition to medical treatment, the entire complex of neuro-reabilitization and renewable procedures is used: magnetotherapy, electrophoresis, neurostimulation, bath, massage, exercise therapy, and the like.

In recent years, the department has a great experience in the treatment of ATO participants with the consequences of firearms and traumatic injuries of the nervous system, post-traumatic stress disorders.

On the basis of the department there are the Department of Neurology of the NMU. Bohomoltsia O.O. and the Department of General Practice of Family Medicine UVT with a course of military neurology. Employees of departments take an active part in advisory and medical work, solving complex clinical cases.

The department has been calculated for 60 beds placed in double comfortable chambers, there are also 4 single-stranded homes of high comfort.

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