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Separation of radial diagnostics

The department of X-ray and radionuclide diagnostics is a separate structural unit of the Central Hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, which ensures the needs of patients in the hospital in radiological, magnetic resonance and radionuclide diagnostic studies.


Head of department


Dmitry Georgiyovych

Doctor X-ray

Doctor therapist

Phone Branch 481 56 43



The department is equipped with modern equipment

which allows X-ray diagnostics with a wide range of clinical situations.

X-ray studies

are conducted using

Digital X-ray diagnostic complexes Opera RT-20 and CALYPSO F
Low-dose ICCT Ge Revolution EVO on 64/128 slices.

Magnetic resonance research,

Open-type Hitachi Airis II, magnetic field capacity of 0.3 Tesla.

The quality of diagnostics is ensured not only due to the use of modern technology, but also through the professionalism of the medical personnel of the department. X-ray doctors, radiology doctors and X-rays have rich clinical experience and experience in X-ray diagnostics.


  In the department are held

X-ray studies

  • chest organs
  • skulls, colonial sinuses, nose bones, teeth
  • sternum, ribs, all departments of the spine, bones of the pelvis
  • joints and bones of the upper and lower extremities
  • abdominal cavity
  • urography is intravenously
  • Retrograde pyelography, cystography
  • ureterography
  • Hysterosalpinography
  • Fistulography
  • irigoscopy.
  • X-ray computer tomography without and using contrast
  • the brain
  • soft tissues of the neck
  • Additional sinuses of the nose
  • spine and joints
  • organs of the chest, the abdominal cavity of the small pelvis
  • Screening research (chest, abdominal cavity and small pelvis) with and without contrast

Magnetic - Resonance Tomography

  • brain with vessels without intravenous contrasting and with intravenous amplification (stream)
  • cervical, thoracic, lumbar spine units without and with intravenous contrast
  • knee and hip joints without intravenous contrast.

Radioimmunological research methods

  • radioimmunological determination of thyroxin
  • Immuno-radiometric determination of thyrotropic hormone pituitary
  • Immuno-radiometric determination of antibodies to thyroglobulin




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